"All pottery is hand built
using coils, allowing me to
fully experience the tactile
qualities of the clay."
"In a leather hard stage, pots or sculptures may
be burnished with a stone for a soft luster."


"Slips are used to enhance the surface...
Decoration is applied with mineral or
organic paints."

"The fire pit creates
subtle variations by
adding smoke clouds
and flashes of color."

"Since each piece is uniquely hand crafted, the
pieces pictured on this web site are

artist's resume

Brigitte Delthony was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. She spent time studying in various European
cities, including Paris, Freiburg and Munich, before moving to Berlin where she attended the Academy of
Fine Art. In Berlin she received her degree as an art teacher, subsequently extending this with accreditation
as an art therapist. Brigitte worked in these fields for over 15 years teaching all levels - elementary, high school,
special education, vocational school - as well maintaining her own practice as an art therapist for children and
adults. Complementing the professional work as a teacher and therapist, Brigitte painted and worked with clay,
exhibiting her work regularly in different venues in Berlin.

Brigitte Delthony working in her studio

In 1996 Brigitte and her husband David, a furniture artist,
moved to Escalante, in the heart of the picturesque
canyon country of southern Utah. They both work as
free lance artists in this unique setting where Brigitte
has received an award from the St. George Art
Museum ("Best Three-dimensional Work"), a 1999 Merit Award from the Utah Humanities Council (project about
"Art of the American West"), and a 2005 Merit Award from the UHC for her work on the Everett Ruess Days Festival.

Her work can be seen in her studio-gallery in
Escalante, Utah as well as in other gallery and
museum shows in southern Utah and Arizona.
Brigitte works fulltime as a clay artist, but also
gives classes and workshops for children and adults.

Brigitte's Ceramic Workshops


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